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    Spanish Department Profiles and Essays


    I have found that The Language Center is a great place for learning new languages and the atmosphere is so friendly that you can easily imagine you are not in a school. They have created a wonderful balance of professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere that makes one comfortable.
    By: Anonymous (student of Spanish language)


    The Language Center is a place where I have been able to meet people of different cultures thereby enabling me appreciate cultural diversity. Learning Spanish here has been very enjoyable as the teachers are indulging students in all activities that help in the study of language. The learning environment here is warm and heartfelt giving one a feeling of belonging. The experience here has enabled me interact with Spanish speaking students which has seen me improve in my understanding of Hispanic culture and language as a whole.
    By: Anonymous (student of Spanish language)


    Hi. My experience in The Language Center has been fabulous! The beautiful arena, the peaceful environment, the pleasant people … all add to my joyful learning here. But what strikes me most and extremely interesting is the diversified group of people of different races, countries and cultures all coming together in one place and living together harmoniously without any strife amongst them. That is indeed commendable. The teaching staffs are uniquely kind and willing to teach; which they do effectively. The subordinate staffs are extremely sociable and supportive. I must admit, they do make our learning here very enjoyable and comfortable. I’d recommend anyone wanting to learn a new language to do it here for it is indeed worth it!
    By: Anonymous (student of Spanish language)


    Thanks to The Language Center, I can now understand, speak, read and write Spanish. We have experienced teachers and the institution provides books and other equipment that help improve my grammar and vocabulary.
    By: Anonymous (student of Spanish language)


    Studying Spanish in The Language Center is a great experience someone would not want to miss out. You not only learn it in class but also have an opportunity to meet people from various Spanish speaking countries and get to exchange a word or two with them. At the end of the day if you combine what you learnt in class with the little conversation you made with the Spanish people I could count that to be enough for somebody to know Spanish. So imagine doing this every day in The Language Center.
    By: Anonymous (student of Spanish language)


    The Language Center has helped me tremendously to learn Spanish, by offering a course that suits my timings and schedule.

    The Spanish class is always interesting and promotes dialogue between the students and the teachers in a relaxed environment.
    Es muy Bien!


    Finally, I’m glad to find out the best place to learn another language especially Spanish in Kenya. Teachers are qualified and students are all nice and kind and I am satisfied with my class.
    By: Anonymous (student of Spanish language)
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